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Freedive Spearshing Club. 

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EST. 2007

The Monterey Bay Tritons are a freedive spearfishing club located in, Monterey Bay, California.  The Tritons are open to any individuals throughout the Nation that enjoy freediving the California coast line and who want to be part of California's strongest growing freedive club.

The Tritons are dedicated to safe and conservation minded spearfishing along our amazing coast line.  It is our goal to put a strong emphasis on safety & taking only what you will eat, while enjoying kayak diving, shore diving & boat diving.  The Triton Board of Director's makes every possible effort to enhance the clubs education by bringing relevant speakers to club meetings.  The Tritons welcome the knowledge of all experience levels and if you are interested in freediving, spearfishing and underwater photography, you are invited to come and meet the Tritons at one of our many club dive days. 


Of course, new members are welcome at any time.  The Tritons as well, have a strong competitive group that travels throughout the state competing in spearfishing tournaments and welcomes new divers that feel the competitive fire.


The Tritons host a year long, Members Only Tournament Series called the "King of the Tritons".  This tournament series will give divers a chance to learn about habitat and fish location throughout the Monterey area.  The tournament series is included in your membership dues.

The Tritons also host a year long, Member Only event called the "Fishy Triton", which rewards divers with raffle tickets towards our year end raffle.  This allows club members to be rewarded for diving throughout the year, any where in the world.

Details about both events are located under the "CLUB EVENTS" tab.


The Monterey Bay Tritons was originally founded by David Deman and Travis Jones in 2007 and then grown by many individuals who have dedicated a significant amount of time and effort to the success of the club.  Their focus and goal was to cater to all generations of spearfishermen (spearos), from the newest diver, to the old hand looking to spread their wealth of knowledge.

Welcome to the club!

Your still reading . . . than you are a dedicated Triton

Want to know a little more about the club?

The Monterey Bay Tritons is a Social Club with limited "annual" membership and supported by Membership Dues.  Club income is 100% from membership dues and no income is accepted from "nonmember" sources.  All positions on the Board of Directors are "non paid" volunteer positions.  The Board of Directors are required to pay annual membership dues.  If a member is not current, then access to Membership privileges are revoked and made available for new members.  The Monterey Bay Tritons are a CA Corporation and in the process of forming a 501 tax exempt "non profit" Social Club status. 

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