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Mar 29

HaliBUTT with Lemon Ravioli and Peas


I tried a simple halibut recipe Big Jim shared with me (I don't usually fry fish) for halibut and stumbled upon a few sides that work really well with it. Recipe below.







Halibut Recipe: (I didn't add the lemon - for reasons below - and went heavier on the wine, additional flour, added 1/2 white onion chopped on the smaller side and let simmer on low for a bit longer to get that nice pino gris flavor into it).

Trader Joe's has a really tasty lemon zest and ricotta ravioli that I put the fish on top of (after boiling of course) and then poured the sauce over everything leaving a bit in the pan to warm the peas in before adding them to the raviolis.

I added the TJ's prosciutto and arugula flat bread on the side with a leafy power greens mix. (I don't typically use salad dressing but you're welcome to do whatever with that).

It was crazy simple and had everything you want in a fine meal.

New Posts
  • Hey folks, I've finally shot a vermilion (21 inches) and don't want to screw up my first tasting. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to cook this meat? I saw the garlic sesame recipe so thanks for that post Keneroo. FYI I've already fillet'd it so whole fish is out but I'd still like to hear the recipe for next time. Thanks in advance club-mates.
  • SO THANKFUL for my buddy Matt (Salabat408) hooking me up with fresh yellow-tail he speared a couple days ago (Look at the size of that thing!). We had family in town so I thought it would be fun if we all got to be creative with the ingredients and make our own poke stacks. It turned out super tasty. The recipe is pretty straightforward. Just some sesame oil, soy sauce, rice vinegar, sriracha, tobiko, lemon zest and mix it up. Then pile it on however you think looks cool. Garnished with pickled lotus root, enoki mushrooms, Nasturtium pedals and leaves, radish, daikon radish, bean sprouts and cucumber plate. Added edamame, rice, avocado, carrot and furikake to stack.
  • (Pics Below) Wow. I'm not sure what is more difficult, finding a decent sized ling to shoot or cooking it well. I don't think I've posted this one yet so here is a fun one. I was literally sweating by the end of cooking this meal and the kitchen was thrashed. From figuring out what flavors, textures and colors might go well together, timing cooking, plating... sheesh... my hat goes off to the professionals! Fresh Lingcod, hard seared scallop, fried bread, the red thing on top really was the meal highlight for me - it is a sweet pepper stuffed with scallop, lingcod cheek meat, fresh oregano and Brie cheese then broiled (I think I'll call it Ling cheek popper). Sauce - Greek yogurt, lemon, fresh oregano, dill, and salt. I had hoped the herbed oil came out a bit more green for presentation (first time trying to make it), but it tasted great. I cooked it for like 20 min. Garnished with radish, radicchio (looks cool, taste didn't fit with dish), roasted carrot, micro greens, and Hawaiian black salt from my family in Kona. BON APPETITE!
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