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Mar 26

Chat feature available (in the bottom-right)


Though I haven't found a way to message people directly from the "Members" section or from each person's profile, you can click on the orange chat bubble in the bottom-right of the screen to send messages to other members. The "Search" seems to be pretty broken and will often not return results that it should, but you can scroll through the list to find who you want to message.

New Posts
  • Hey Luke! Since you asked my thoughts =P 1) I've found a classifieds section really helpful for buying dive related gear and selling it. 2) Another section that is really useful, especially to newer divers is a resources section where people can compile the sites they like to use to read swell (and how to), dive techniques, freedive certs, safety blogs, common tips for spearfishing noobs, etc. Just nice to have it all in one place for newer divers. It took me over a year to learn the ropes for myself though heaps of google searches, forum snooping and satellite maps, and I'm still learning in some areas. Live cameras (particularly the ones at the aquarium and the 2 at pebble) make checking the current conditions really nice. I can predict a lot of areas diveability just by looking at some live cams. 3) This is more of a personal interest, but I love DIY stuff from dive boards to gun mods to painting white squid outlines on your gloves and cool ocean/shell related gift ideas for Christmas. Even things like "how to restring your gun and shaft" or what type of crimps to use... etc. Fun, helpful and weird stuff! There are other things that I personally enjoy, but I'd like to spend some time getting to know the MBT way of life before putting it all out there! I'm hoping to be a voice and a help to the club, not an instigator of conflict =)
  • Sorry if this is the wrong place to put it but figured it would be nice to have a thread for bugs we see with or any features that we think could help the forum. Any chance we could have a feature for unread threads? Or have them bold on the home page? Just a way to tell what we have read and whats new or old. Thanks! Love the lay out of this Forum, great job guys keep up the good work!
  • If Internet Explorer (IE) doesn't upload your photos promptly, try Firefox. The web page layout is more accurate in IE than Firefox.
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